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Fresh Editorial Art for Sale for American Democracy 


Limited edition prints of my latest political art pieces, featured here, are for sale for $25 each including shipping within the US. $20 of the $25 purchase price will be donated directly to progressive causes. ($5 is for printing and shipping expense).


I am an artist. I am creative for a living and self employed.

I am definitely a member of the other 98%. In short, I don't have as much cash to donate to causes that are important to me and more importantly, to the nation. This is something I can do to make a contribution to the resistance.


I invite other artists to join me in similar efforts and together we CAN make a difference. Yes, these are dark times but there is a plethora of political fodder flowing out of that White House on a daily basis and from what I'm seeing, the muses are restless!


So I hope everyone enjoys these 2 works. I hope you will purchase one and years from now we will look back on 2017 and at these images of our times and remember something we did that made a difference.


Now please contact me via email at ferrellwhiteart@comcast.net to purchase a print.

Artists interested in an Artists in Resistance movement to raise money and awareness please contact me at ferrellwhiteart@comcast.net. I've got some ideas and I'd love to hear yours!

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"Call ASpade A Spade"/ Patsy Ferrell White/ 2017

 12" x 12"

"Alternative Facts"/ Patsy Ferrell White/ 2017

8 1/2" x 11"

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