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Photo Gallery-Portraits

"Portraits are my favorite thing to do, whether humans or animals. If it has a face, I want to paint it."

Patsy Ferrell White


Portraits make meaningful gifts that are cherished and passed down through generations. Mother's Day, Father's Day, it's always somebody's birthday...give them something totally unique and really special!

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Young WWII sailor. Also, my dad.❤️

Jim James of My Morning Jacket.

"Young Man in Black" aka Johnny Cash.

The late, great Amy Winehouse.

These "Tongue in Cheek" fantasy portraits are so much fun. Personalized and whimsical, the possibilities are endless. You can be anyone you want to be!


A medieval warrior, a mountain man, or Napoleon with a twist!

I did this painting as a contribution for a charity auction to benefit the Louisville Zoo in my hometown, Louisville, KY.

Cats in Sinks Collection

My beloved Kozmo.

Izzy, a formal portrait of a casual dog.

Work in progress.

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