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Ferrell White Art and Interiors is in the business of beautiful homes. Serving East Tennessee for over 15 years,we offer a range of interior services specializing in all types of painting and staining. If you just need a basic paint job from a single room to an entire house, we have very competitive rates. With over 15 years of individual experience in this competitive field, we have built a strong local customer base due to our exceptional workmanship, work ethic, and reliability.

Of course, if you want something more creative, that's our specialty. From faux finishes to murals to custom ceilings and art installations... we do it all.

Space planning? We can help. Furniture, rugs, and accessorizing? We can take your project from start to finish!

Click on the Products and Services tab on the home page for a complete list and call today to schedule your free consultation and estimate.

We did a little number on this room. New wall paint, reupholstered the furniture the client already had, removed a large piece of furniture, added the small white entry piece, a new rug, and a few new accessories with things the client already owned and Voila!!! From non-descript to chic and inviting! Looks like they spent a lot more money than they did.

These shelves and giraffe figures were dated safari style but a little paint and they are stylish again. And of course, the unique faux finish pattern on the wall is also my handy work.

The curved wall in this downtown loft was begging to be highlighted. The paint is a pearl finish ice blue and the fleur de lis pattern is a beautiful metallic bronze. Stunning!

The walls, ceiling, and ceiling medallion were all painted by me. Don't be afraid of black. It can create a rich, extravagant feeling. And again, it looks like they spent a lot more money than they actually did.

My client refers to this as the "Glam Guest Bedroom". The amazingly unique metallic faux finish features large yet subtle floor to ceiling diamonds accented with small fleur de lis mirrors in a horizontal line around the room. Add a fabulous headboard and luxurious bedding and Wow!

The only problem is... your guests may not want to leave.

That laundry room backsplash doesn't have to be boring. This bold and creative pattern with gem accents makes you feel fabulous even when you're doing the laundry.

I really fooled the eye here. It's hard to tell what is real tile and what is faux even when you see this bathroom in person.

Above, a faux finish diamond pattern with the three dimensional accents at the points turned this fireplace wall into a real focal point and make this room feel really spacious. Below, a composition of mirrors backed by a painted scrolled pattern make a tall, imposing wall into a real conversation piece. Talk about the Wow Factor! Here it is!

Something as simple as painting the stair risers can really add interest not only to the stairwell, but also to the entire area around it.

A large pattern backdrop topped with an oversized clock on the lower landing and a tall mirror on the upper landing ties the 2 areas of this fabulous stairwell together and compliments the volume of the space without the clutter that groupings of smaller wall decor pieces can create.

The diamond and small square pattern on this fireplace wall ties together this interesting vignette in this very tastefully done house on the golf course.

Go ahead and paint that ceiling. You pay a lot of money for the crown molding and other trim details that make tray and coffered ceilings. Show them off. They can really MAKE a room!

And don't leave that tacky, unfinished ceiling medallion unpainted either. Painting it compliments even an average light fixture and makes it seem like more than it actually is.

The photo above is the wall treatment in the bathroom that adjoins the bedroom below. Unique wall paint and inexpensive decor give this suite a fresh look using furniture that the client already owned. Fresh and beautiful interior spaces don't have to be expensive with Ferrell White Art and Interiors.

Painting the wall space in a vaulted room pulls the eye up and makes the ceiling seem higher. Leaving it the same color as the ceiling pulls it down and makes it feel like the ceiling is very low.

And yes you can hang artwork on slanted walls. It looks great!

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