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Custom Cabinets and Furniture

This desk set was just wasting away collecting dust in a custmer's attic. The desk already had an interesting shape and was the perfect size to fit the client's space and needs. 

The beautiful paint finish and new black glass knobs along with the reupholstered chair cushion transformed it into a one of a kind conversation piece in this very tastefully appointed Knoxville home.

This is one of a pair of night stands that were once used as living room end tables. They've been transformed with paint and glaze and new hardware for a fraction of what you'd expect to pay at a furniture or department store...and they're one of a kind!

No need to replace a dated old coffee table. I can transform it into this farm house chic style with paint and a tasteful use of a little nail head finish. Wow! Great finished product for about $100!

Drab to fab! This pretty ordinary piece of furniture was transformed into this glamorous piece of very useful furniture with paint and new fabulous hardware. You don't always need to buy new furniture. We can re-invent what you already own for a fraction of the cost. Even for a large piece like this, our cost is around $250, including the hardware! Wow! You could expect to pay $1000 or more for a piece like this at a furniture store or even Home Goods!

This was a white laminate vanity transformed by this burled wood faux finish.

From white laminate to antique cream.

From oak to antique cream.

Oak to white with black glaze finish.

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